Weddings in Israel are so special ! Either in the light of Jerusalem or in a small yishuv in the desert, a wedding in Israel often brings something different. In the country where milk and honey are flowing, we can feel a blend between wonderful places, different people, vibrant cultures and unique emotions!

I believe that the fact there are so many people from different cultures here in Israel creates a sort of alchemy and we can feel it during Israeli weddings. It’s just about feeling! (You can read the article on the Blog page “The magic of an Israeli wedding”)

Throughout this work I’ve  tried to convey the emotions I feel during the weddings I photograph. And you? Do you get those? 🙂

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Jerusalem-based, I photograph weddings throughout Israel. Here are some pics taken between Holyland, Ein Hemed, Nes Ziona… and somewhere in the desert between the Dead Sea and Maale Adumim 🙂

Here is a blend of really different people… the people of Israel!

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