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The day of his bar mitzvah, at 13 years old, the Jewish boy becomes part of the community. From this special day, he wears tefilin, black boxes with parchments inside. People from all over the world come to the Kotel to live this unique moment! Here is a selection of pictures taken from Jerusalem to Modiin.


There are so many great spots in Israel to celebrate a bar mitzvah, to gather the whole family and to organize a party ! Here is a selection of bar mitzvah pictures realized in some great synagogues of Jerusalem or at the Kotel.


The light of Jerusalem is not only special, it is definitely unique !




As a bar mitzvah photographer, I try to capture the special moments and the emotion of this significant milestone for a young jew and his family. Shooting in Jerusalem is always a privilege !  


For sure, bar mitzvah are not only ceremonies… Photographing bar mitzvah parties allows to catch so many emotional moments : the bar mitzvah singing, the delight of parents, the true joy of friends.



Here are some examples of bat mitzvah portraits in some of the nicest Jerusalem gardens.


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The beauty of Jerusalem synagogues, and always a light so special…

dsc_2567DSC_1645fondDSC_1652f_(0)DSC_1749 RAPHA+DAVID


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