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Photos are stories. Let me tell yours!

Welcome on my own website! Photography is definitely a passion I like to share. And, for a photographer, working in Israel is a blessing : the light of Jerusalem is unique, the mix of cultures is so special, and there are such amazing places throughout this country.

My goal is to fulfill my clients’ expectations and… to go beyond! And I really love this kind of challenge 🙂

Throughout these pictures I have tried to capture all the “decisive moments” I could get. In a way, my goal has become to adopt the sentence of a great French photographer who once said: “A good photographer is not only someone who has good eyes, but someone who has good legs”.

I’m a French-born event photographer living in Jerusalem and speaking English and Hebrew. On this site, you will see some selection of my work: weddings, bar mitzvah, brit milah, family portraits etc. Have a good time!

Have a look on my Facebook page: Aurele Photography,

and my Instagram: aurelephoto

For your next event in Israel or in Europe, contact me at

+972 54 223 4374 (Whatsapp)

Let’s meet soon behind the camera !

Pour tout renseignement pour les photos de votre événement, en Israël ou en Europe, contactez-moi au +972 54 223 4374 (Whatsapp) 

A bientôt derrière l’objectif !


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  1. שבוע טוב!

    Found you on the internet. Are you available morning of aug 15 בע”הfor my son’s bar mitzva at hebrew u-har tzofim?

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