The starry night

We had the chance with two friends to photograph the starry night ! Where? It will remain a secret 🙂 Here is a clue : somewhere in the Negev between Yeruham and Dimona. And not so far from Beer Sheva. These pictures were pretty hard to get because of the wind and the long time of exposure. The result is here !


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The decisive moment

One of the photographer’s challenge is to be at the right place at the right moment. Whether for a barmitzvah or for a wedding, whether in the street or during a party, there are always moments that shouldn’t be lost, let’s call them “decisive moments”. The “decisive moment” has become the trademark of some famous photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson. In recent years, I can feel this touch in the wonderful work of my friend Marc-Israel Sellem (in the field of press photography).

These shots (the term seems really accurate) are like big fishes I managed to catch! It’s always a great pleasure to feel we have captured a key moment, the surprise of the bride, the spontaneous smile of the barmitzvah, the mother’s relief after the brit milah ceremony or any situation that one can freeze and that would disappear a second later! To stand at the right place at the right time… here is a selection of some “decisive moments” throughout my work. Enjoy!

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The Kotel in Black and White


If pictures at the Kotel remain a must for a bar mitzvah, I admit I particularly enjoy seeing those in Black and White! Why? Perhaps because photos in Black and White always have something intemporal in it. Something very special and hard to define… And you? Could you define it? If you want to see pictures of the Kotel with colors you’ll find those in the Bar Mitzvah Photography section 🙂

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The magic of a wedding in Israel

DSC_3344 copie

What are the ingredients of the magic of a wedding? Let’s begin by something specific to Israel: this is THE place to meet people with different cultures. Gaby is from Rio de Janeiro and Adam from New York – and I’m French 🙂 To meet each other could only take place in Jerusalem ! But, more basically, the ingredients of a Jewish wedding – I have tried to express this through these pictures – is the mix of kedusha and simcha, sanctity and happiness, that everyone can feel. When friends come – whatever their origin and whatever their age – to rejoice the hatan and the kallah, the atmosphere becomes fantastic! That is the magic of an orthodox Jewish wedding… and I hope my pictures achieve to transcribe some magic in the air!

DSC_3316-2 copie

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Yemin Moshe: a must for weddings

Yemin Moshe is a gem! It is not by chance that this Jerusalem neighborhood remains one of the favorite spots for wedding photographers… and that so many brides decide to spend some pre-wedding hours here. Yemin Moshe was the first neighborhood built outside the Old City  – it was in 1892 – a place in which the stone of Jerusalem now mingles with the shimmering color of the flowers. The view overlooking the Old City is one of the most classic views of the capital, while the Montefiore Windmill has become one of the symbols of Jerusalem’s reconstruction. No wonder this place remains one of the most romantic spots in Israel, or maybe simply THE most! It is always a pleasure for me to photograph a bride in the small streets of this incredible neighborhood, so unique for that special memory.

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